5 Trampoline Scooter Do’s and Don’ts You Probably Haven’t Thought About

5 Trampoline Scooter Do’s and Don’ts You Probably Haven’t Thought About

To get the best experience out of using your Stegga trampoline scooter there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind!


1 – Don’t land on the scooters pressure points

Your Stegga trampoline scooter features a forward extruding section of extra deck that acts as a balance point in place of the traditional fork found on most scooters. When landing on your trampoline scooter its good practise to make sure that you land on the flat of the deck as this will allow you to correctly simulate a land on your tricks. Landing too front heavy on any trampoline scooter will eventually weaken your trampoline. It’s better to bail out of a front heavy trick that attempt to land it (Doing this also helps with your bails which will come in extra handy if you ever need to bail out of a front heavy trick at the skatepark!)


2 – Don’t try tricks that are way out of your comfort zone

You’ll get the most out of your Stegga trampoline scooter if you work on steadily building up your trick list. There’s no point sending a nothing front scooter flip if you’ve only just learned how to tail whip! Try adding to your tricks over time by building up your muscle memory and you’ll get there with enough practise. If you’re stuck for what to learn next, have a look at our handy ‘Guide to Tricks’ and see what you could be learning next!


3 –Clean your trampoline before a session

Okay, so this one is important. Before each session, give your trampoline a sweep and a wipe to make sure there isn’t any debris such as small stones or leave that could have their way onto the mat. (This goes especially for those of you using dug in trampolines). If a stone or something similar get caught between the deck of your trampoline scooter and the mat, it can cause damage to both items and may even results in rips and tears.


4 – Check your trampoline scooter is tightened up properly before you practise.

If you’re going to be throwing around your trampoline scooter to learn trick, or even if your keeping it chill and just bouncing, you’re going to want your trampoline scooter to not fall apart mid use. Just a simple check of the fork and headset is enough to get around this troublesome scenario. Your Stegga trampoline scooter will have come with a set of Allen keys which makes this step even easier to achieve.


5 – Build your tricks up from a flat hop

One of the best ways to learn new tricks using your Stegga trampoline scooter is to build them up from a flat hop. Simply plan your trick and start to work out the technique, starting with small hops and building up to big bounces by the time you have the motion sussed. This is a great way to train your tricks and learning in this way will eventually give you more control over the technique and allow for building much greater muscle memory.