7 Benefits Of Trampoline Scootering That May Change Your Perspective

7 Benefits Of Trampoline Scootering That May Change Your Perspective

Trampoline scootering is great for boosting your scooter skills and increasing overall fitness!

Below we've listed 7 benefits about trampoline scootering that you may not have heard about before! 

1 – Trampoline scootering can greatly help develop muscle memory for tricks in riders, but only when the weight of the trampoline scooter and stunt scooter are relatable! Using a trampoline scooter that is too light in relation to your stunt scooter will make certain tricks more difficult.


2 – Trampoline scootering is an excellent way to build your stamina. Trampolining takes a lot of energy and just a daily 15-minute bounce with your trampoline scooter is enough to help increase your ability to ride continuously for longer at the skate park.


3 – You can learn to bail (fall) safely using your trampoline scooter. It’s good practice to learn to fall before heading to the skate park. Using your trampoline scooter, you can simulate a fall and land safely on the trampoline mat, making sure to push your scooter away from you while initiating a break-fall technique. Doing this regularly can help to push the reaction to the forefront of your subconscious, making it a default move if you do happen to bail when riding on hard ground. This is one technique that is often overlooked by beginners but is extremely important to learn!


4 – You can learn techniques on your Stegga trampoline scooter without even bouncing! Practice the basis of a technique on the flat trampoline mat first. Once you have gotten the rotation / technique nailed on the mat, you can then build up some bounce and progress from a lower height. Keep building height as your confidence with the trick grows and eventually you be able to learn to catch the trick and perform it with ease! Breaking down a trick in this way makes them much easier to learn than having to just throw the trick and hope for the best on a skate park flyout.


5 – Film yourself while using your Stegga trampoline scooter and analyze the trick to see where you need to make improvements. Because you are in a static position when using your trampoline scooter, it will be easy enough to set up a camera / phone at a good angle that will let you see yourself ride. Not quite nailing the trick? Film yourself in this way, drop the clip into a video editor and slow it down so you can see what you need to do to make the land.


6 – PROs use trampoline scooters to help push themselves and their riding!


7 – Bouncing while standing in the correct riding position will help increase your hop height on your stunt scooter. Because bouncing (while in your riding stance) uses the same muscle groups as you use when you ride your stunt scooter, there is direct translation from the trampoline to the skate park. The more you exercise those muscle, the higher you will able to bounce on your trampoline scooter and the higher you will be able to jump at the skate park!