Top 5 Beginner Tricks to Learn on Your Stegga Trampoline Scooter

Top 5 Beginner Tricks to Learn on Your Stegga Trampoline Scooter

The Stegga trampoline scooter is a great way to learn tricks and to help kick-start your journey as a scooter rider.

Below we’ve listed our top 5 tricks that you should learn on your trampoline scooter before taking them to the skatepark!


1 – X-Up. An often-overlooked trick, the x-up is a great to learn for beginners as building confidence with this technique will help with another trick on this list, the barspin. X-ups are great for throwing into any line and will often be the very first trick you learn to do over ramps such as spines and box jumps.


2 – Barspin. Especially easy when practised on your Stegga trampoline scooter. The removal of the fork on the Stegga makes it really easy to practise the correct technique, passing the bar in between your hands as it spins. Once you have this sussed, build a little bit of height while bouncing and start to do the same technique. Eventually you’ll have bar spins down and will be able to really easily take the trick from Stegga to the skate park.


3 – No Footer. This trick is pretty self-explanatory, get some air and take your feet off the deck! Once you’ve got the hang of basic bouncing the no footer will be fairly easy to learn but certainly carries a load of benefits with it. Not only can it look awesome once you’ve got some style behind it, the no footer also paves the way for you to learn many tricks that require you to take your feet off the deck mid jump, including tail whips, bri flips, super man grabs and finger whips!


4 – Lay Back 1-Hander. So this one is a lot more style based than the rest of the tricks on this list but is, yet again, another one that brings a whole load of benefits to your riding and trick list. Once you can do a simple 1-hander, you can one up it by leaning back slightly and extending your free hand behind you as far as you can reach! Once you’ve got it down, the Lay Back 1-Hander is a really nice filler trick that can also be added into other tricks, such as a bar spin, to really add to the style factor.


5 – Tail Whip. Last but most certainly not least, we have the tail whip. This is probably the most sought after trick by beginner riders as the tail whip just opens up so many trick options. Once you’ve got your tail whip on lock, use your Stegga trampoline scooter to help you learn the technique required to catch your whips. Catching the trick will open up even more combos, allowing you to push yourself beyond the basics!