The Stegga Story

Our Mission

Here at Stegga it is our goal to open up scooter riding to as many people as possible and to help push and grow the sport of stunt scootering. It is our belief that a professional, trampoline based, stunt scooter training aid can help with this by providing riders with a true to form training scooter that can be used to promote fitness and the building of muscle memory from your own back garden. Stegga has been designed and tested by long time scooter riders and industry experts with this exact goal in mind.

The Stegga Story

In 2016 long time stunt scooter rider and professional UK scooter coach Ben Wilkinson approached Jerry Norman, owner of Rush Skate Park, with the idea to create a specialised scooter that would allow riders to properly learn tricks and motions on their home trampolines.

Working together they created a convex deck plate that would enable unparalleled jump height while also being friendly to the surface of the trampoline, heavily reducing the issue of trampolines being torn by the sharp & square edges found on the stunt scooters designed for the skate park.

The design process continued for well over a year, with tweaks being made to perfect the scooter. Specialist scooter designer Fernando Young, of Greenover Sports, was brought in for consultation and collaborated with Ben and Jerry, bringing some valuable input to table.

Forward to 2019.

Stegga is incorporated as a company and the tag line ‘True Weight. True Size. True Response’ is coined as a direct description of the highly accurate way in which our trampoline scooter is able to emulate a stunt scooter.

The design is finalised and the order is placed.

Stegga, the best and most thoroughly engineered trampoline scooter, is here to make waves.