Meet the Team

Ben Wilkinson (@thebwilk0) - 

Ben is one of the founders of Stegga and has been using trampoline scooters to practise since he started scootering in 2008. 

Having been involved in the scooter industry for 13 years, Ben has seen the sport grow from a small number of global riders to the phenomenon that it has become and continues to be. 

During this time, Ben has been a PRO rider, representing team Grit during the years of 2010 - 2016. 

As well as this, Ben is one of the UKs longest serving scooter coaches, having taught hundreds of riders at Rush Skate Park from 2014 and continues to do so into the present! 

Ben's style of riding is focused on the more technical, but he is equally at home in the skate park or the streets! 

Check out the video part to see just what Ben is all about! 

Ben Wilkinson | Weird Tekkers 2


Jerry Norman -

As the owner and mechanic in chief at Rush Skate Park, Jerry knows a thing or two about scooters and how they are put together! 

Jerry has also always been incredibly enthusiastic in promoting grass roots sport and supports Stegga as a great way to introduce riders into the world of scootering, providing them with an effective and fun means of improving their skills and trick sets. 

Joining forces with his long time scooter coach, Ben, Jerry worked on fleshing out the Stegga design and helped it along the road to manufacture, becoming the other key founder behind the Stegga brand.