Stegga Do's and Don'ts


  • Check your bars and compression before for use. If either are loose, make sure to tighten them using the Allen keys provided with your Stegga.


  • Warm up before your Stegga session. A light bounce without your Stegga followed by some stretches will allow you to have a better practise session and will help prevent injury.


  • Sweep your trampoline before each session. Even when in constant use your trampoline can accumulate a layer of dust that can consist of things such as small pebbles, leaves and dirt. Any of these things can potentially cause a rip in the trampoline mat if not removed.


  • Clean the underside of your Stegga deck before use. As above, your Stegga deck can pick up small items such as dirt and dust which should be swept off before your session.


  • Check that your trampoline is in a fit state for use. This means checking the springs, mat and surrounds before use.


  • Wear a helmet, pads and shoes while you practice.


  • Progress at a steady pace. Try tricks that are within your skill level to achieve. Pushing too hard too fast can lead to injury.


  • Land on the flat of the Stegga deck.


  • Have fun!



  • Don’t use your Stegga trampoline scooter on a trampoline that is wet or damp. The surface of the trampoline can become slippery when wet which can cause slide outs when using your Stegga.


  • Additionally, using the trampoline while wet can cause the trampoline mat to pull more taut than usual which can, in rare cases, result in a ripped mat.


  • Use your Stegga scooter on any surface other than a trampoline mat.


  • Land on the front or back drop outs of the Stegga trampoline scooter. Doing so repeatedly can cause damage to your trampoline mat and will eventually result in tears. Always land on the flat of the deck.